Welcome to the AOTrauma Davos Courses 2017

Davos Courses 2017—a remarkable learning and networking experience.


Don't miss this AO Foundation flagship from December 3-14, 2017.

Join AOTrauma at the AO Foundation Davos Courses 2017. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn from our international faculty, share your experiences, reconnect with friends and colleagues, and further expand your network. Davos is where tradition goes hand-in-hand with the latest and cutting-edge knowledge in the field of trauma and orthopedics.

Highlights of this year's AOTrauma Davos Courses

  • Extended time spent in the Anatomical Specimens laboratory

We offer a range of courses which include half-day practical exercises in the anatomical lab.

  • Innovations: Masters Course—Current Concepts

The innovative master-level Current Concept Courses (CCC) follow an ambitious conceptual format and have met with great success. Our chairpersons strive constantly to include the newest innovations. Two new CCCs have been developed and will be available at the Davos Courses in 2017.

  • Hip Preservation

This new, very specialized course is geared towards the very experienced practicing surgeon and concentrates on improving the treatment of patients with hip pain, independent of their congenital, developmental or posttraumatic origin.

  • Knee Injuries and Deformities

This course addresses problems that frequently pose a challenge or controversy in the management of knee disorders. The primary goal is to understand the knee as an organ, constituted by multiple specialized tissues that interact to promote optimal function. The concept is to integrate existing knowledge in the areas of both orthopedic trauma and joint reconstruction to determine solutions for patient care.

  • Tips from the Masters—Difficult Cases through the Eyes of Master Surgeons

A highlight of the 2017 courses! 11 of the most experienced AOTrauma master surgeons are going to take the participants on “mini-fellowships”. Each instructor presents a difficult trauma scenario that requires in-depth investigation, planning, operative intervention and rehabilitation. Live every step with the preceptor who presents his philosophy in regards to addressing difficult trauma cases.

  • Specialty course on the highest level

Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Management

A faculty of world experts will cover key concepts of pelvic and acetabular diagnosis and treatment and aims to convey to experienced participants an understanding of the initial evaluation, stabilization, and definitive treatment of patients with fractures and dislocations of the pelvic ring, acetabulum, or both. The AO Principles, the latest techniques, and up-to-date evidence will be incorporated into the course, guiding participants in developing the knowledge and skills needed to treat these injuries and improve patient outcomes.

  • Expanded AO Spirit events

Following the great success of the already well-established AO Spirit events, we are pleased to announce that these sportive, social & cultural, and academic side events are offered again in 2017! The events take place between the end of the academic day and dinner time.

  • Networking opportunities

There will be opportunities to expand your circle of friends and colleagues at networking events after the courses every day.


During the two Davos Courses weeks, AOTrauma will be offering the following 15 courses for you to choose from:

Week 1

Week 2



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