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The AO CMF Online Masters Course—Mastering the Nose: Advanced Midface Concepts is a four day online course focused on advanced strategies for treatment planning and management of the nasal region. Pick and choose the topics that most interest you, or sign up for the full, four-day online course package—your complete guide to the mastery of the midface nasal region. 

All modules are offered in two different timeslots for your convenience. 

Group 1: 10:00-14:15 CET

Group 2: 17:00-21:15 CET


AO CMF Online courses

Mastering The Nose: Advanced Midface Concepts

Module 1: Aesthetic and Functional Surgery Including Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Chairpersons: Amir Elbarbary, Patricia Stoor, José Barrera, Travis Tollefson

December 3, 2020

Mastering The Nose: Advanced Midface Concepts 

Module 2: Congenital Deformities Including Cleft: Surgical Planning and Prevention of Secondary Deformity

Chairpersons: Lynne Fryer, Ian Sharp, Nicolas Homsi, Damir Matic

December 4, 2020

Mastering The Nose: Advanced Midface Concepts

Module 3: Traumatic Injuries of the Nose and Central Midface

Chairpersons: Nils-Claudius Gellrich, Rüdiger Zimmerer, Rafael Cypriano, Michael Grant

December 5, 2020

Mastering The Nose: Advanced Midface Concepts

Module 4: Ablation and Reconstruction: Treatment of Ablative Deformities in Hard and Soft Tissue

Chairpersons: Satyesh Parmar, Majeed Rana, Rui Fernandes, Marcelo Figari

December 6, 2020

In accordance with the MedTech guidelines the industry cannot support healthcare professionals (HCPs) directly with joining virtual events (as the requested practical “hands-on” component is missing) but the industry is allowed to consider educational grant requests from healthcare organizations (e.g. hospitals). Please contact a representative from the industry directly if there is a need for support.


1. Can the AO facilitate industry support to healthcare professionals for attendance?

No, please contact an industry representative directly.

2. Can a single HCP ask for a grant for a virtual event?

No, only a Health Care Organization (eg a hospital) can ask for an educational grant. The selection of the individual HCP, who can benefits from this grant, is done by the HCO.

If you are interested in joining the full course, please contact us for easy registration. 

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