AO Recon Online courses

Principles of Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty


Bas Masri, Canada
George Macheras, Greece

December 3–5, 2020

Shoulder Arthroplasty on Revisions and Complications - Seminar


Paul Favorito, USA
Chunyan Jiang , China
Stefaan Nijs, Belgium
Markus Scheibel, Switzerland

December 4–5, 2020

In accordance with the MedTech guidelines the industry cannot support healthcare professionals (HCPs) directly with joining virtual events (as the requested practical “hands on” component is missing) but the industry is allowed to consider Educational Grant requests from healthcare organizations, (HCOs e.g. hospitals). Please contact a representative from the industry directly if there is a need for support.


1.Can the AO facilitate industry support to healthcare professionals for attendance?

No, please contact an industry representative

2.Can a single HCP ask for a Grant for a virtual event?

No, only a Health Care Organization (eg a hospital) can ask for an educational grant. The selection of the individual HCP, who can benefits from this grant, is done by the HCO
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