AO VET Masters Course—Joint-Related Diseases: Old Myths, New Truths (online participation)

December 3, 2020 - December 6, 2020

Join us for four consecutive days from 12:00 to 15:00 Central European Time (CET) for:

  • Lectures presenting the state-of-the-art of controversially debated, joint-related topics,
  • Panel discussions between key opinion leaders,
  • Demonstrations of arthroscopic techniques.

Course structure

This online course is delivered on four consecutive days from 12:00 to 15:00 CET. Find your local time here.

Additionally, all participants will be able to take part in small group discussions online for 1.5 hours per day. You will be able to choose between three different slots available each day in order to best accommodate your schedule.

Besides the live educational sessions in the auditorium, you will also be able to visit our online networking lounge, exhibit hall, library, plus AO support / technical support. Additionally, you will be able to interact with other course participants, faculty, and the AO VET team.

Course description

There are orthopedic diseases and trauma cases without a clear and good treatment solution. In these diseases, there are to some extent very old treatment options with quite a lot of complications and an indistinct outcome. The course will focus on these diseases. Some of the top experts in the field will show the evidence and discuss the current state of treatment options. The participant will learn to apply the best option to avoid complications to get best outcome possible.


Stefan Scharvogel




Bruno Peirone


Past chairperson


Julien Cabassu


Assistant chairperson


Philipp Schmierer


Assistant chairperson

International Faculty 

• Christopher Tan (Australia)

• Denis Marcellin-Little (United States of America)

• Michael Kowaleski (United States of America)

• Mark Glyde (Australia)

Regional Faculty

• Andreas Fischer (Germany)

• Matthew Allen (United Kingdom)

• Toby Gemmill (United Kingdom)

National Faculty

• Bianca Hettlich (Switzerland) 

• Daniel Damur (Switzerland)

Learning objectives

• Recognize evidence and absence of evidence for the treatment options for complex orthopedic diseases. 

• Select the best treatment option for fractures and soft-tissue injuries.
• Select the best solution for bone and joint diseases.
• Describe the best way to achieve good outcomes.
• Apply strategies to manage complications.


Course goal

There are several orthopedic diseases, without a definitive therapy or with a lot of debate about the best possible solution. Participants will learn the current opinions in these orthopedic and trauma problems through presentations, expert panel discussions, small group discussions, and more.


Target participants

This course is designed for orthopedic surgeons who have already attended an AO VET principles course and, ideally, an AO VET advanced course. Prior attendance at an AO VET principles course in small animal fracture management and any previous engagement with AO VET are prerequisites.


Registration fees*:

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Regular 540 CHF (instead of 600 CHF), AO VET Member 480 CHF

Credit card payments are preferred. If you are not able to pay via credit card, you can request an invoice upon registration. Please note that we will charge a handling fee of CHF 30 in addition to the registration fee.

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Cancellation fees: 
Cancellation until 30 days before the course is possible with a full refund; thereafter with a 50 % refund.

In accordance with the MedTech guidelines the industry cannot support healthcare professionals (HCPs) directly with joining virtual events (as the requested practical “hands on” component is missing) but the industry is allowed to consider Educational Grant requests from healthcare organizations, (HCOs e.g. hospitals). Please contact a representative from the industry directly if there is a need for support.


1.Can the AO facilitate industry support to healthcare professionals for attendance?

No, please contact an industry representative

2.Can a single HCP ask for a Grant for a virtual event?

No, only a Health Care Organization (eg a hospital) can ask for an educational grant. The selection of the individual HCP, who can benefits from this grant, is done by the HCO.

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