AO VET Masters Course—Joint-related diseases: Old myths, new truths (on-site participation)

December 3, 2020 - December 6, 2020

Course description

There are orthopedic diseases and trauma cases without a clear and good treatment solution. In these diseases, there are to some extent very old treatment options with quite a lot of complications and an indistinct outcome. The course will focus on these diseases. Some of the top experts in the field will show the evidence and discuss the current state of treatment options. The participant will learn to apply the best option to avoid complications to get best outcome possible.

This will be AO VET's first course which participants can attend either on-site in Davos or online from anywhere in the world.
Online participants will attend presentations (with video), debates between faculty members, and case discussions. For on-site participants there will be additional practical exercises.


Stefan Scharvogel


Bruno Peirone


Course goal

There are several orthopedic diseases without a definitive therapy or with a lot of debate about the best possible solution. This hybrid course led by top experts in the field will include current opinions in these orthopedic and trauma problems through presentations (including practical videos and debates), case discussions, and on-site practical exercises.

Target participants

This hybrid course is designed for orthopedic surgeons who have already attended an AO VET basic principles course and, ideally, an AO VET advanced principles course.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

• Recognize evidence and absence of evidence in treating complex orthopedic diseases.

• Find the best treatment option.

• Select the best solution for special bone and joint diseases.

• Know the best way to achieve good outcome.

• Determine a good strategy to manage complications.


On-site participation: CHF 1,900

• 10 percent early-bird discount 

• 10 percent Member discount

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